St. Louis raised. Loving husband and father of 3. A God fearing man and a Marine Corps veteran, I’ve loved barbecue as long as I could remember, from the C&K rib tip sandwiches with potato salad drenched in sauce😍to ropers ribs and pappys ribs. My taste for barbecue has changed and grown, I love a mix between Saint Louis and Memphis style, great rub and light sauce. I’ve fallen in love with Kansas City style burnt ends, and just can’t get enough of snoots a Saint Louis staple. Attened culinary school at Le'Cole Culinaire, many different cooking classes, attended OnCue Barbecue consulting class hosted by Amy Mills of 17st Barbecue, and over 20 years of at home cooking perfecting my craft. My style of cooking is low and slow over apple and hickory wood, please come join us on this journey to become a household name in barbecue!


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