Catering Menu

Minimum 20 people

50% deposit required at the time of order, balance due at pickup

Delivery $30 within a 15 mile radius of home location/ if farther we can discuss

Deposit is nonrefundable within 48 hours of pickup/drop date


St. Louis style Ribs   $20/ 3-4 serving

Beef Brisket               $16 a pound /3-4 serving

Pork rib tips               $13 a pound/3-4 serving

Pork Steak                 $10 per/ can be sliced

Pulled Chicken          $12 per pound/3-4 serving

Pulled Pork                $12 per pound/3-4 serving

Smoked PartyWings   50 wings $45/8 serving



Baked Beans                $30 half pan/15-20

Green Beans                $30 half pan/15-20

Mac and Cheese          $35 half pan/15-20

Potato Salad                 $30 half pan/15-20

Chef Salad                    $35 half pan/15-20

Tossed Salad               $30 half pan/15-20